Potential contributors are encouraged to submit proposals or complete manuscripts to the Editor-In-Chief.


Following a positive feedback from the Editor-In-Chief, the proposals may then be developed into complete manuscripts and submitted for review, via the dedicated portal on the TPJ  web-site.


For more information regarding submission guidelines, see “Instructions for Authors”. The manuscripts, preliminarily approved after an initial screening, will be forwarded to suitably qualified persons for comments as appropriate. The TPJ  is committed to follow a rigorous process of double-blind peer review, by at least two reviewers. This vetting process will, whenever possible, be on an anonymous basis. 


Upon receipts of reviewers’ comments, the Editorial Office will determine a final pool of manuscripts recommended for publication. The Editorial Office, according to its own criteria of issue and publication planning, reserves its right to approve the manuscripts for the final pool even in cases of a positive peer-review. The Editor-In-Chief will make a final decision on publication. If a manuscript receives a positive peer-review and is not included in the final pool for publication in a given issue, it will be considered with priority for publication on the next open issue of the journal.


The approved manuscripts will then be processed by the TPJ  Editorial Office in close collaboration with the author/s. Authors may be required to provide additional or revised materials as appropriate. A final proof of the article will be sent to the author/s, prior to publication, for a final check.


Posted on December 22, 2017