Aligning with its mission to promote excellent and innovative research in architecture and urbanism, the TPJ will award every year a “TPJ Best Paper Award” to one of the articles published during the previous year. Thus, any article published on the TPJ automatically enters the competition for this award.

The Editorial Team will make a shortlist of candidate-articles, which will be then evaluated by the TPJ  Editorial Advisory Board. Depending on the quality of the submissions and in addition to a winner, there may be recognition for runners-up and/or honorable mentions.


The winner/s will be announced and recognized at the yearly Forum Perspective:


2016 [vol. 0 & 1]



Joseph Godlewski, “The Absurd Alibi,” 0, no. 0


ex-aequo runners-up:

Martin Hättasch, “Form after Urbanism: The Potential of Grossform,” 0, no. 0

Paul Holmquist, “Towards an Ethical Technique: Reframing Architecture’s ‘Critical Call’ through Hannah Arendt,” 1, no. 1



Tatiana Bilbao, Nuria Benitez, “Walk the Line. Architecture as a Catalyst for Socio-Spatial Connectivity,” 1, no. 2

Shannon Criss, Matt Kleinmann, “Dotte Agency: A Participatory Design Model for Community Health,” 1, no. 2