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The TPJ is solely financed through subscriptions and publication fees. Starting in 2018, that is with Vol. 3, No. 1, the following policy will be implemented.

After the manuscript is accepted for publication*, the editorial review is complete and the article is ready to be posted on-line on the journal website and published in the printed issue, the Author will have the following two options:


  1. Not pay any Publication Fee and have the article available to subscribers to the journal. 
  2. Pay the Publication Fee and have the article available in Open Access for all readers (the article is published once payment has been received). The Author will receive two complimentary copies of the printed issue.

 Article Type  Publication Fee
 Article / Essay / Project  900 Euro
 Other article types (ie book or exhibition review, polemic)  No Fee




Our fees are to be intended as a contribution to the costs of the editorial and publication process, from editorial advising to peer review, copy-editing, layout design and production, online management, and dissemination of the published article.


Our ethical commitment to publish only work that meets our scholarly standards (regardless of the author’s ability or willingness to pay the Publication Fee) is reflected in the fact that the decision to publish or not is made before the Author is asked about the Access Option.


There are advantages with the Publication Fee Option, such as immediate and global access to the article upon publication, larger pool of readership and greater dissemination potential, easier access to download citation statistics, higher visibility and discoverability of the authors’ scholarship.

The Plan Journal can offer specific solutions for Organizations and Institutions to support their researchers in publishing in Open Access.

Authors are encouraged to contact our Subscription Office to know if their Organization or Institution has activated the Institutional Multi-Access option with us, which grants to full time faculty and doctoral students of the Institution the possibility to publish in Open Access, without any Publication Fee (after a successful peer review process).

The Publisher would be under no obligation to refund the Author, if the article is retracted or removed from our website after publication, due to objective reasons (as an example, because of a breach in author warranties).   


* [see “Editorial Process” at http://www.theplanjournal.com/content/editorial-process, and “Instructions for Authors” at http://www.theplanjournal.com/node/101]


Posted on October 20, 2017


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