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Conference Report

"Ando and Le Corbusier: Masters of Architecture" Symposium

by: Eric Mumford VOLUME 4/2019 - Issue 1 , Pages: 1 - 4 doi: doi: 10.15274/tpj.2019.04.01.4, published: 2019-03-04
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Book Review

"Lake of the Mind. A Conversation with Steven Holl"

by: Christopher Platt VOLUME 4/2019 - Issue 1 , Pages: 1 - 5 doi: 10.15274/tpj.2019.04.01.5, published: 2019-03-05
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Housing by People and Work: Design Principles for Favelas Residents in Economies of Commerce and Service

by: Ana Rosa Chagas Cavalcanti , Tiziano Li Piani VOLUME 4/2019 - Issue 1 , Pages: 1 - 24 doi: 10.15274/tpj.2019.04.01.3, published: 2019-03-04

This article proposes a new approach towards the design and planning of social housing destined to residents living in informal settlements of Brazil. It is aimed at restoring the proximity between the labor and domestic functions within the spatial domain of the house. This need emerges from a field research aimed at addressing the spatial logics emplaced by residents in Brazilian favelas. The integration proposed in the article is meant to be achieved with the combined goal of improving the living conditions of the residents, sustaining also their socio-economic development, while promoting also the economy of the city. Graphic guidelines are shown to the reader after a critical analysis of the main systems of housing currently emplaced for unprivileged people. 

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In Memoriam

Remembering Robert Venturi, a Modern Mannerist

by: Maurizio Sabini VOLUME 4/2019 - Issue 1 , Pages: 1 - 7 doi: 10.15274/tpj.2019.04.01.1, published: 2018-10-05

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Exhibition Review

"FREESPACE" and the Citizen: Stories of Generosity from the Venice Architecture Biennale 2018

by: Carla Brisotto , Cristina Cassandra Murphy , Martha Battaglin Ramos VOLUME 4/2019 - Issue 1 , Pages: 9 - 24 doi: 10.15274/tpj.2019.04.01.2, published: 2018-10-30